Hard rejected - AE template


After 7 days of waiting i got hard reject:
“Thank you for taking the time to submit your item.
Because there is so much competition and saturation in the Slideshow category, we only accept projects that we feel provide exceptional quality in both design and execution.
Unfortunately, this project does not meet our high standards for this variety of template”

Can i ask you, what do you think guys? It is really so bad and not unique project that doesnt meet Envato’s high standards? Ehm, i do not want to sound arrogantly, but if my item is so bad and got hard reject, what are then the other templates approved last days?


I think it looks better than some of the recent ones.
Reviewers should reconsider, this could definitely be a good seller.


I think its pretty good i dont know why it got rejected.


The reviewers told you the reason behind this rejection, your template is cool and professional but there are many very similar templates out there and yours doesn’t bring new stuffs and quality to the marketplace.
Don’t get mad and move on for something more unique.
Good luck!


The only problem here is that they keep on accepting very similar projects with less quality. I guess it has to do with some reviewers being more strict than others


Those are unique?
But thx :slight_smile:


It totally depends on what reviewers think about a template, and let’s not forget that they are humans, sometimes they are right and sometimes they aren’t.


Try to upload it again! Do little changes or upload it as is. I think next reviewer will approve your item.
If i was in your position i would some changes at text… Play more with the animation… Maybe this was the problem. The slideshow is good in my eyes. Good luck! : -)


Yep, thats true, but why author doesnt have option to contact reviewer? One of them say “no, this item is really bad” and my 10 days work was for 0.00$? :smiley: I dont like that…


Thank you, i will try it :slight_smile:


These kind of slideshows are floating the marketplaces, but I have to say yours does look pretty cool as the motion really works with the music. That it is heavily inspired by other works is obvious, but actually everyone does these slideshows now so why should you be hard rejected for copying a style while everyone else isn’t. Doesn’t make sense and is too late for that…

I’d say that this will sell a lot, as there seems to be still a demand for tese slideshows and yours does have the “exceptional cool movement” that I see with the good selling copies and not with the copies that gain 10 sales if they are lucky.

You have to admit though that you don’t bring something new to the table. But I don’t think that this is always needed as long as the quality is fine.

In the end, sell-ability should be the only reason if something gets accepted or not, and I see this with this project.

You can contact support and ask for a second opinion of another reviewer. Also make some points why yours does give exceptional quality, that is:
the camera movement is on a high level
it is perfectly synced to the sound
the parallax effect, while totally overused these days, is working along with the partly complex camera moves

Also, some more points why this should be reconsidered:
Buyers still buy these kind of projects every day, ie there is still a demand for it
every day projects like this get accepted, and are not higher quality than yours

Uploading again is not allowed, but I think you have good chances to get another reviewer to take a look at it when you contact support.


I think you did a great job and it looks great!! Yes, contact support and get another reviewer to have a look.


thank you very much for complex repply!
So, how can i contact Envato please? I dont see any email or contact form


You can open a ticket here:


Don’t marketplace rules say something like “If you’ll resubmit hard rejected item, you may suffer severe consequences”?


You right! But i know a friend example, who submit an item and rejected from reviewer. After some days, submit again the same item without changes and the other reviewer approve his item. So, in this case what authors need to do? To follow the rules and believe the comments of 1 reviewer? Reviewers are not god. Are humans/authors like us.


I guess everywhere where there are reviewers there’s gonna be this problem. I’ve had that with Apple, with Niantic @ Google, and of course the Envato. But experience of your friend is surprising to me.


Unfortunately it’s true this example. Personal, when i get a reject, i do changes before upload it again… But i think all that problems coming because reviewers don’t let comments. My opinion…


Yep. This works really great at Apple. You can actually talk to reviewer about what’s good or bad.
I know, soft rejections have this feature, but hey, soft rejected item is basically fine. My soft rejections were because of a wrong sample rate (first time AJ), or forgotten free plugin link in description (VH). But hard rejected items are basically not ok for some reason. And what this “doesn’t meet minimum quality requirements” means to me is “Swallow it and move on”. And I’d really love to hear more detailed explanation of what’s wrong >_<


Hard reject items are not bad all times. Authors are patient, can wait for their items if approve or reject 5-10-more days… As i said at old topic, reviewers need only 5-10 seconds to write a comment. No story of life.

For example, in this ae template: "Hi, try to change the text animation, play more with the motion and upload it again!"
How many words and how many seconds takes to write this? Sooo simple!

Why all this? Because if reviewer don’t write anything… Author need to do steps:

  1. Change Slideshow style (means some extra days)… Upload again… wait 5-10 days… Result: Reject.
  2. Change text sytle (means some extra days)… Upload again… wait 5-10 days… Result: Approve.
    Yep!!! I did it!!! 1 item in one month!

I talk always in case some items is not too bad after hard reject. If there is an item too bad… Reviewer can write this for example: “Hi, this ae template is not look professional and is not ready for videohive. Try to change your font, is not looking good with your images. The slide animation from image to image is not looking good. Change the style of animation you use. Do the changes and upload it again…”

I know, some people here will say: "Reviewers do good job, reviewers have too many items to see."
Yes i know, but authors do job here too. As i told, authors wait 5-10-more days. Reviewer can use only 5-10 seconds (depend how fast write someone :smile: ) of their lives for each item. If my words are too tough just send the auto-robotic messages as always. No problem! : -)