My AE template got Hard Rejected again?

I got hard rejected several times and I might agree with the viewers those time after checking my project again but this time I don’t think my project is that bad to be rejected. What do you guys think?
Here is myvideo

First of all I’ve noticed some glitches in audiotrack. Also I don’t know what is inside but I guess cornerstone of the template should be simple customization. So maybe you should go with prebuild scenes where people just drop their photos without building walls. Also, check how text layers look. Right now a little messy in my opinion, so I guess so you should just polish this things too.

You’ve done a great job, so maybe you just need to polish some elements and simplify it to end user. Also make previews to make people be blown away from their sit and left customization process to help video included in project, good luck!

Thank you for your reply and your advice. After this project got hard rejected, I move on to the next project and I was thinking to put this project on the other market places. But I will follow your advice and re-upload it to videohive.

It would be great that viewers provide some advice for rejected project even just few words which could help a lot to authors who spent hours on their projects.


I like it, it’s a good concept. I think the execution needs a bit of work though. I don’t like the bevel effect on the text, I don’t think it works with the flatness of the imagery. I think the camera movements could be a bit more dynamic as well… not on the transitions, they’re good, but something a bit more than just a wiggle when it’s in the next scene.

Also, i think the images need a bit of texture to them. Maybe you could use the wall as a luma matte for the imagery (only slightly) so it blends with the wall a bit better.