Going down with sales

my sales have been plummeting down steadily since they liberalized prices, to are too many sellers with incredible prices. How they can sell an item (song, no fx) just for 1$? But i dont’ t know if the problem is just prices too low or also the algorithm for search new item. Pratically a new item after just 2 weeks no longer sells.


I have 2 sales from last 9 items…

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Hey guys! I wouldn’t worry to much about sales at this specific moment in time. There are a few very solid reasons

  1. Black Friday
  2. Cyber Monday
  3. Thanksgiving Weekend

There are plenty more holidays that affect sales, but these either affect global markets or the United States, which is a big part of most author sales.

What can I say … “winter is coming” :smiley:

Things grow up at the beginning of the year, they’ll slow down again during december for Christmas and the New Year.

It’s normal market behavior! :slight_smile:


I have it’s the other way around :
December - January the explosive growth of sales…

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The authors reduce prices for one reason (self-promotion). It is necessary to make a restriction on the minimum price. Customers should remember the times when the music had to order from the authors and the prices there were not 20-30 $…

My last sale was in September-is it also because of the season? The fall began in August 2017.

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he’s right

we have 2- 4 months of this now

don’t panic. :slight_smile:


@CRAFT_ALL_AUDIO and @zigro it all depends on what your main country of sales is, if it wasn’t the US until now for example, yes, it’s possible to see growth, but, if now it was the US chances are that’s the reason things went down for you. A lot of holidays. It’s normal behavior to be honest.

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I’d say it’s quite the contrary - the last 3 months have been fabulous for me! Stock music market has its ebbs and flows, so I’m sure your sales will be back eventually.

Giulio, I’ve just listened to “French Comedy” and “Night in Paris” - fantastic pieces of music! Stunning stuff! Make more music like this and your sales will grow like crazy.

Hi @Piano_B

I agree with @Enabled. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving … are the biggest reason for this.
Please don’t worry time will change to make big sale. Have a big sale to all Authors.


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Strange…for me main country of sales is US.

I hope so and Thanks…

I believe that those prices don’t make the the difference at all, if a client need a specific music for a project he will buy that music, even if it cost 49 instead of 5 dollars.

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Why then the authors set the price of $ 1 If they want to distribute their music for free there is " soundcloud"

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the last 3 months were not bad for me, but since 3 weeks not a single sale…

I think it’s a strategy to have more sales on the item, when the item has many sales it appears in the first page when a client search for a song, then many authors set a new higher price for that item.

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I’m a buyer, not a seller. But for me it was the removal of credits that’s impeded my purchases.

I usually just pop in and and pick up a song or sound effect and pop it into my games as needed. The other day i needed a sound effect and a sing, but having to pay the credit card service fees now on each checkout stopped me.

I am sure i will buy from AudioJungle at some point, because i really love the design and the content, but i have to admit this change has basically stopped me from making my usual AudioJungle impulse purchases.


Since the 23rd of this month (November 2018), the marketplace has been aggressively advertising for black Friday and cyber Monday. If before that date you’ve been making less or nothing at all, then the issue is another.

Good luck!

Hi @protopop. Thank you for sharing your feedback. Those of us who sell music and sound effects here appreciate your business.

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I am a mini seller in audiojungle, but I think that now in February the subscription mode is still making a lot of damage to people like me, that we have a few sales, I hope this changes,…and got some sales,…i need a new piano and a dryer jjj!!!