Going down with sales


Indeed sales are slightly dropped


Nothing slight on my end. Worst drop in sales in years. Free fallin’.


I would say a free fall in sales without a parachute!


I can confirm, yes sales are dropped


I sell just few tracks a month, but for some mysterious astral reason some of my latest tracks got a huge increase in views in February, according to analytics. So I enjoyed a bit more sales))


Extreme sales drop this month. I know it’s like a rollercoaster, but march was never that miserable


March has been always a top month for me for 4 years! Now i got only 8 sales with 4day no sales spots! This is just terrible… :four_leaf_clover:


For me too . My sales dropped .
One sale on my new 10 items .


I see a sense of humor you have everything in order.

and yes i support