December 2015 Sales

Hello to all Envato authors!

Just wanted to wish everyone a great December. May there be plenty of sales for all!

Here’s to a great month! Good luck everybody :wink:



So far 2 sales :slight_smile:

I hope so! :smiley:

Good start -
they said “You have sold 5 items”


Three sales this day… Could be worse!

Had really good sales up until the 30th nov and now nothing! :frowning:

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Thanks got 2 sales today. It’s funny when time zone is in Australia and you live in UK :slight_smile:

7 sales at 1st. Congrats to all with coming winter (or summer? :smiley: )

Still three zeros plump. :broken_heart:

1st sales this month.
10 sales for my first weeks (1st item )!
GLWS everybody.
December, please be good with us

Goodluck everybody. Wish you have much sale in this month.

Sold one sound effect today, my lowest price, hoping there are still people working on last minute Christmas projects and need jolly holiday music.

At the end of last month I had good sales 3-4 per day right up until then end of
the month, and now I have 1 sale in 3 days. Is there any reason for this
terrible sales drop? (I sell mockups) and also I thought it would increase as
thanksgiving has ended. Anyone else notice the same??

I can confirm that for some of the elite and top selling authors also. A few days before thanksgiving and it still lasts. And not only on Graphicriver, it is also happening on Themeforest and Codecanyon.

You made an account to reply to this :P?

Lets just say i am one of the authors affected by this

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Scary thing is I have actually been promoting my items more after thanksgiving…

Yes, that is how the sales are at my end. Lets see if other authors have the same issue.

Me too :frowning:


Since 2 days it is really quiet here.