7 days 1 sale. Is the market alive?

Hi there!

7 days 1 sale. I’m very scared about the future.
Is the market still alive? Should we upload new files?

What about your beginning of January?



This month is a freaking disaster for me. The worst beginning of the month since 2015. But I already begun to upload new items, so hopefully it’ll get better in the second half. Stay positive! :sunglasses:

same here :desert_island:

@PrestoSound It may because of new year holidays and celebrations time, better luck for next days sale :slight_smile:

Look on the bright side it could have been 7 days 0 sales. Look for the silver lining not the black cloud.

It’s normal. One of the major customers of the market is the United States, which are having some political issues (Government Shutdown) right now that can affect sales.

This month was the New Year, some companies have extended Holidays, also there’s gonna be Martin Luther King Day this month. There are quite a few reasons why this month will see a painful drop in sales.

Things will get better after January. The winter months include a lot of Holidays and the political skyline is always unpredictable, so we just have to ride the wave… :slight_smile:


Same here. Total destruction.

But I know there are people doing very well so it’s not the same for all of us.

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This begining of month are slow for me too.

January 2017 was my second best month in earnings and third best in sales.

However most of the sales of January 2017 was made on the second half of month so lets be positive guys!

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Guys wait until January’s over :slight_smile: I feel that something good is coming :wink:

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one sale the 1st of January (good start) and then nothing at all! :frowning:

Same here…:tired_face:

I just came back to upload 5 new items after 2 years I think and 0 sales till now :frowning:
But I will try to do better and I produce lots of new music. I hope for sales…

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The key is consistency. You have to keep on uploading regularly and producing new material every day. Couple of tracks here and there is not good enough these days, if you’re looking for good results. The market is waaay saturated and I believe it’s going to get tougher every year, since more and more great musicians are trying out stock music as a side hustle.

The truth still remains: there has never been better opportunities in the history of mankind for us musicians to make a living. The opportunities are endless, thanks to internet. Just gotta keep on grinding and making sure your product keeps getting better, offering higher value to your customers.

Wish you all the best! :slight_smile:


Well said my friend! :slight_smile:

Great speech, thanks a lot!

well…said !

we all know that the first part of the year is usual not as lavish as the second one in terms of sales, there is nothing new about it , some occasional reasons for a slowdown are indeed existing, as u said, now i am sorry to disagree with what u mentioned, yes USA is still by far the biggest market but this is not as much as it used to be in the past , all the same, unlike what we were told at the time envato moved to usa

looking at the bright side maybe a most positive way but let’;s face it sometimes this is easier to say than to actually do … besides, try to figure this out, what u said may look indecent if the guy is depending uniquely on his sales here , whihc may basically mean that he is starving at this time

u are certainly right all the way, though, what i am always amazed with is how some guys wither pretty average or poor items can keep on making it (i am talking about the category that i am belonging to, not of AJ here) when the standards are raising and some very good one get more and more rejected indeed

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I confirm that this month is a disaster :confounded:

Envato has nothing to do with the current global economical issues. Unfrotunately, the digital stock world is not the only thing that suffers from the current conflicts. There’s not much we can do other than ride it out…