FullHD and 4K versions of the same item

I uploaded a couple of days ago a 4K version of a previously accepted FullHD video. That 4K version was rejected, even though I informed the reviewer and provided a link to the FullHD video.

Since envato allows two versions (4K and FullHD) of the same video, I contacted support and received a pre-made message from a Help Officer which basically ignored my explanation and request for things to be fixed. I replied to that message trying to be even more clear and linking to envato’s own rules. To that I got a message with the rejection note from the reviewer.

So, what kind of magic do I need to do for things to be sorted? Do I need to go through the help form again and hope for a better Help Officer? Do I re-upload again the file and use CAPS on the message to the reviewer?

I did request a staff reply for you, sounds like something went wrong with your rejections, they should have been accepted.

Hey, thanks Creattive.

This is actually the second time in a row this situation happens (rejected 4K version of a previously accepted FullHD item) so it’s a bit annoying… However, the first time it was solved quickly, the Help Officer was helpful and VideoHive staff realized the issue and approved the file.

I’m wondering, are there more direct ways to contact videohive staff about something like this? I have no problem solving this through the Help form (it’s better than having to come to the forums with a mini-rant) but if help staff just ignores my explanations it becomes impossible to solve it.