4K version of project accepted, but the 1080HD version was hard rejected.


I have a project that has a 4K and a 1080HD version. The 4K version was accepted and is in my portfolio, but the 1080HD version submitted a few days later was hard rejected. How do I get the 100HD version into my potfolio?

The accepted project is - http://videohive.net/item/spin-cycle-2-ultrahd-4k/15148086


What I don’t understand is why videohive still doesn’t have a system like any other major stock footage market, with various resolutions on the same item page… It can’t be that hard to implement if photodune already uses it.

I can’t honestly understand how this “same video with different resolution has to be uploaded as different items” makes any sense… can you imagine browsing videohive for footage in the future, as 4K becomes more common? Looking at duplicates everywhere… It’s a shame no one from staff wants to give a proper answer to the community.


@freakiebeat Please contact support, and we’ll get the issue resolved.


@MotionRevolver, will do - and thank you.