why my 4K vercion of video did not received

I have a video that has a 4K and a 1080HD version. The HD version was accepted and is in my portfolio, but the 4K version submitted a few days later was hard rejected. How do I get the 4K version into my potfolio?

Upload again with a link to your 1080p version and a note explaining that it’s already been approved. Reviewing isn’t an exact science, and you’ll get one reviewer thinking it’s just on the right side of getting approved, and one who thinks it’s just on the wrong side… but if you already have the 1080p version approved, then they should approve the 4K version.

Thank you so much

I’m really confused. Please clarifi this situation for me. You telling that is ok, when first reviewer gives me Hard Reject, but second Approve exactly the same item? So what is your job? I understand that it isn’t an exact science, but in this case it isn’t since or profession at all. It is just random decicions by random people. What should i do in case of hard reject according to your position? Resend it, and resend and resend till some admin will approve an item?

‘Random’ is maybe a bit of a stretch, seeing as they’re hand selected people, all working towards a level of quality that they will have been briefed and trained on, although you’re essentially you’re right… they are random people making random decisions. But… how else could it be? The only way to make them decisions that aren’t ‘random’ would be to have a scoring method that relies on binary answers… which would never work when it comes to creative works.

But still, follow my advice above, and it’s very likely that it will get approved.

I uploaded two versions of a video. HD was accepted 4K was rejected

I have had a similar case of getting 1920 accepted but the 4K rejected. The footage was a time-lapse shot inside a shopping mall, at 1920 size it was difficult to see the shop signage but when view at 4K its was readable so I guess that’s why it was rejected.

Thank you so much