Inconsistent and Blind review of Motion Graphics Backgrounds.

Recently we uploaded some HD clips of the approved 4K backgrounds along with some more backgrounds of color variations etc. which are allowed by videohive. But the reviewer Rejected them all blindly with a default message. Now i’m not blaming Reviewer for this. Because he might not knew it is an earlier approved Item’s HD clip. I can only blame new upload tool for this. Earlier there used to be a comments to reviewer option where we could explain that it is a HD version of the 4K clip. Now that option is not there in the new upload tool and reviewers are making the mistake. If anyone can help me with this it will be really helpful.

I always upload 2 size version, 4K and HD in same animation, so far i have no problem with it.

We’re hoping to implement a Notes section back into the form in the near future. Removing it was an oversight for this exact reason, so hopefully it’ll be resolved at some point soon.

Please resubmit the items that should have been approved, and message me directly when they are on the queue.

I will upload everything and will send you a message. Thank you.

It will be better if they implement this feature soon.