Can someone please explain this to me?

Ive had a clip soft-rejected by Video Hive and I haven’t the vaguest idea what the “feedback” refers to.

It reads: “The file appears as if it were multi-clip, but it is not. Please remove the multi-clip indicator from your video and re-upload it. We will be happy to review it.”

My process for exporting from Premiere Pro hasn’t changed - same custom preset for all VideoHive submissions. Does anyone know what this might mean?

Hi, please share the video clips link here, so we could see what’s the problem :wink:

There’s nothing to see. It’s a single 12 sec Timelapse video file. Checked it via “Inspector” and its perfectly normal - identical to all my other videos.
Judging by the lack of responses it seems Im the only one this has happened to.
Thanks anyway.

Just a wild guess: do you upload as a zip or the direct video?

Good question. Generally I upload as a regular file. If that doesn’t “take” I resubmit as a Zip.

I had a response from someone on the support team. Apparently it’s a “review error”. Odd that its happened twice to me though.

Just an update FYI.

This is apparently a known “glitch” at their end.

I simply resubmitted and it was approved within minutes!

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