The rejection of an approved file

Hi guys
I would like to share with you my latest experience with a file of mine.
I create the Premiere Pro version of an existing file that I have in my portfolio.
Actually to multiply our files and to make them work also in other categories is something that
videohive want us to do, I saw it several times in articles and in general, they encourage this kind of templates.
I know a lot of authors that they transform After Effects files in Premiere Pro versions or Apple Motion versions.

So i did the same with this file.

[link removed]

The reviewer soft reject my file… sending me a message that was saying to me that the next time
that I will upload an existing file for another category I will have to provide a link with the approved file
in order to avoid unfair rejections.
He asks me to send a reply that I understand what he is saying.

I resubmit the file writing that I understand everything and after 24 hours…he rejects the file…

Well … this is new to me…is one of those moments that I am wondering… should I swap my files for other categories ? or is it just a waste of time?

I have to say that I felt totally disrespected from the reviewer

Any similar experience?

Did you paste the link to the original, approved item in the “message to reviewer” box?

No i didnt … i just said that i understand everything and also that would be very useful if i had the new quality standards of videohive (if exist something specific of course )

You think that the fact that i didnt paste the link is the reason of rejection??? because to me this looks more like a punishment.

Also im wondering why the link with my file is removed…

Well I cannot really blame the reviewer here for rejecting it as he gave you one thing to do and you ignored it. He even asks you if you understood, you say yes and… don’t do it again.

Upload it again and now paste the link to the original file as was requested. Reviewers don’t have the time to sift through your portfolio for the original.

It should get approved then.

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Well …this is true… i had just to do that…but…in your opinion …how the reviewer knew that this file was already in my portfolio in After Effects version? AND also he told me “Next time you upload…” not this time that he obviously knew that this is an approved file… anyway … i will try to upload it again and see what will happen… thanks for your time :slight_smile:

I guess he recognized the item or just assumed these are converted items as you start to upload in a new category.

Don’t lose sleep over that rejection, upload it again and now follow the one rule of uploading converted items.