Hard reject for Premiere Pro

Hello everyone!
I’m new author on Videohive. And of course the first problem that I have it’s hard reject. I had a hard reject for Mogrt files, but the same project for Ae was approved, what can be a reason?

Hi, please share the preview video of the project. Also when submitting a MOGRT version of an already approved After Effects project, it’s a good idea to leave a comment for the reviewer saying that the After Effects version is already approved and giving them a link to it.

Sometimes some projects are on the edge of approval, and in some cases having it approved in another category might help it get approved on another one, if the quality is really close to approval.

These fluctuations and inconsistencies in my opinion ussually happen due to unique levels of market competition and saturation in each category of projects. A niche AE project might get approved cause there’s not a lot of such projects, even if it sucks a bit. But in MOGRTs perhaps theres much more of such projects, and so the competition and quality requirement is higher and the same project could get rejected.


Thanks for your reply!
This is project for after effects [link removed]


Your need update in same item videohive maybe approved but you cann’t create a new item because will to be hard rejected because already have item.

Sorry, I think i didn’t understant what you exactly mean

I’m very sorry my English is not good, I’ll explain, you have to update your video article itself, because you can’t to a new article because they’re going to reject it.

Do you understand me?

You meant I should change the preview video?

no, update your design new version and also preview video.

oh, i understood thanks :smiley:
better I’ll create a new item :sweat_smile:

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