premiere pro version of already successful projects rejected !

Hi all,
today i got my item :
has been rejected as a .mogr template the project has been sold 50+ times and has been featured by envato on blog posts …
was this a mistake?
another project of mine is hard rejected too ! whats going on guys?

This file is more suited as direct premiere file rather than mogrt, with no effects and mostly direct cuts why not premiere pro project, with 30+ text holder it is pain to edit in the essential graphics panel, may that be a reason

hi StrokeVorkz, this wouldn’t be the reason and it definitlly should not be the reason
a lot of much simpler project are already accepted (this month/last month) as a .mogr templates.
and if videohive started to work like this then all overlays and icons and transition projects should be rejected because they can be uploaded in the MOTION GRAPHIC category as MP4, much easier works on all softwares !

Did you provide the link to your AE Project in the comments for reviewer?
If you missed it reviewer could have thought it as a new project for premiere and reviewed accordingly.

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no i did not, i missed doing so ! thanks for mentioning that.
i need a replay from a reviewer or envato team in this thread so i have the allowance to reupload it without having a problem.

@MotionRevolver could you please say if i could reupload these projects to add a comment to the reviewer without having problems

@MbrEffects Any project that you’re submitting to a new category, which was previously accepted for sale to another category, MUST include a link to the existing item in the Notes to Reviewer field.

The reason for this is Videohive’s policy of allowing authors to sell identical projects across several categories is contingent on those projects being 100% identical, not slightly different variations or partial projects that don’t contain the same amount of elements.


thanks a lot for the clarification, i didn’t know how i missed that.

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