Premiere Pro project — approved, but AE project was rejected.

Hello. Can someone explain why the same project (Lower Thirds) was evaluated differently?
The design is identical, inside the project everything is correct.
In the comments to the project wrote a link to the project in another category.
Or am I mistaken and there are no rules on this?

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Did you write message for reviewer that your similar Premiere Pro project was already approved? If no, that is the problem.

Yes, I wrote a message.

I think it works only in one direction, i.e. an already approved AE file will be accepted as Premiere Template, but not the other way around. Due to the much higher saturation of the AE category, quality standards are higher there than in the Premiere Category.

I will tag @MotionRevolver , he does know best how the Review Procedure is.

@motionbeard The project in question was previously hard-rejected in the After Effects category. You then resubmitted it to Premiere under a slightly different name, even though the project was essentially the same.

Even though the Premiere version was approved in error, since the process you engaged in is viewed as an attempt to game the review system, we unfortunately cannot allow either project to exist on the marketplace.

Hello. Yes, the project was rejected, not hard. But unfortunately I did not know that MOGRT can not be downloaded. Thanks for answering. I wanted to know.