Old Declined Video Files Appeared Approved in my Portfolio without Being Resubmitted

Two days ago, including today, I received an email approving several of my videos that I sent for review about two months ago. They were part of the rejected videos I sent then. Interestingly, the email said that my files were approved and I did not resend them. How they reappeared in the review queue (no waiting files are visible in the dashboard of my portfolio ). Accordingly, I deleted them from my portfolio.
This is some kind of system bug maybe. I hope you explain.

The same thing happened to me. This past Friday I started getting notices that my old previously rejected files are now accepted. Little weird that we have not heard a reason for this.

They mailed us regarding this so, some of our old rejected files will be approved if its fits for the customers requirements.


And what will happen to our exclusivity if we are approved for old discarded files that we have then uploaded to another market?

I am not sure about this buddy. Maybee you can try talk to them about this issue.

I missed this letter for some reason. Give a link to this message. From the last rejected files or all so far all the time?

Hi @UglyduckBG! I’ve just checked with our Operations team, and can confirm that the changes are intentional.

We’re making some improvements to the way we review and approve content to expand our library and help customers find what they’re looking for. That means that we’re accepting a broader range of content in some item categories, and some items that were previously rejected (in the last few months) have now been accepted instead.

A separate email was sent out on January 24th to anyone with 10 or more newly approved items that had previously been rejected. I’ll check to see whether there’s another email going out to Authors with less than 10 items affected by this change, as we’ve seen a few similar questions about this.


Hi BenLeong
This is not a good idea because most authors upload their rejected files to other stores. And there may be misunderstandings about the exclusivity of the files, for which the author will not be to blame. Anyway, I will personally delete rejected approved files! I can’t wait a few months and wonder if my rejected files will one day be approved! I hope you understand me correctly.


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I had to come back and comment on this post; the inconsistent videohive reviews has been wild. They do a wave of approving old content that had been previously rejected to start expanding the library back in January… then, based on my approvals and rejections, go back to the old way of reviewing stock video files.

This inconsistency makes no sense @BenLeong after what you said earlier this year.