Unfair approval criteria for uploads


A few days ago, I got a hard rejection of 55 items uploaded via FTP.

I couldn’t understand why my item was rejected.

Because 55 files were created in the same way as the videos I uploaded in the past, and some videos with new designs are included.

So I contacted the author support, but the answer was the same as always.

I was sure there was no problem with my item, I re-uploaded one of the rejected items.
And today something interesting happened.
The item that was rejected was accepted.

Why are no-problem items being rejected?

Am I being hated by certain reviewers?
Is it someone’s conspiracy to prevent my items from receiving triple rewards?
I don’t want to have these ridiculous delusions.

To be clear, this isn’t the first time.
I understand it’s very difficult for reviewers to state reasons for rejecting a lot of items.
But, At least clarify the criteria for rejecting the item.

I spent a lot of time uploading these 55 items, and I’m worried about this may happen again, so I’m reluctant to upload in bulk.

P.S. Was there an explanation for the update that made information about item reviewers inaccessible?

It happened to everyone! It is not a good idea to resubmit rejected items. It is written in the rules.

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Yes, that’s right.
However, I understand that there are cases where an item is approved through re-upload if there is no problem.

It’s strange to have to give up on uploading multiple no-problem items for no reason.

I re-uploaded 6 of the 55 rejected videos, and they were approved.

It means something is wrong…

I’d still like to know why all 55 items were rejected at once, But no one seems to know why.

I just have to take the time to upload again.

I just had something similar. I just rerender 4k approved videos into HD and submited with all the same keywords and etc. 2files were rejected. Why then in 4k they acepted it?!

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Yes, I also had the same experience in the past. At that time, I respected the reviewer’s judgment and did not re-upload.

In the past, I was worried about reviewers and customers would be confused confused, so I wrote 4K and HD separately in the item title.

However, items started getting rejected, and that was the first time I got an exact rejection message from the reviewer.
They said that the title should not contain resolution-related words such as 4k or hd.
Obviously, the upload rules included a statement that titles should not contain resolution-related words such as 4k or hd.

However, since then, many authors have uploaded their items with resolution related words written in the title, and I have seen their items approved.
Even in this case, someone is rejected and someone is approved.
This is also one of the currently ambiguous review criteria.

But, The videos I uploaded this time were 54 4k videos and 1 hd version of past videos.
I don’t think all the others videos were rejected because of this one HD video.
I think that there is something different reason.

The exact rule was “the two items that are created should have matching titles.”
Anyway, the result is the same.