Old videos appear as new in portfolio, queue bug, file history change


Anyone else experiencing some kind of bug with the portfolio?

Videos, which were accepted in February 2022 appear as new in the portfolio. In the item history there is a slight change which looks like this:

Also, the submission queue is not updating after submitting a new file, but stuck showing yesterday’s time.

Anyone else has/had this issue?


Hi @RuslanMikaielian,

Please Contact Author Support and report the bugs. Support Team will be happy to check it with dev team.


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Having the same problem too. :sob: HELP!!!

Will here with Author Support - I can confirm this is a known issue and I have reported this to our dev team who will investigate. So I can ensure I track these, it would be preferable if you could open a support ticket FAO WILL BISHOP / VIDEO ISSUE and I will personally assist you.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience as we work this through.


Hi, Will.
We need your help too.
Does the same apply in this case?

I didn’t get any response from the forum, so I contacted the support center.

And I just encountered this bug, either.


One of my items suddenly updated automatically, and when I checked, there was one more strange thing. The keyword was registered twice.
I searched with newest sort, and it seems this is happening to several authors, recently.
It’s a known issue, so I don’t know if it needs to be report, but I wrote it just in case.

Same problem here. I have contacted support staff and they will look into this issue

In my case, this issue has been resolved. Thank you.

Hi all!

Yes, the issue has been resolved indeed. By the way, the fact that the videos appeared as new for a couple of days brought some sales of the old vids:) Not a bad bug at the end of the day:)

@Will4490 Thank you and the team for your help.


oh, it’s not over.

When I updated the item information of the video, it was moved to the top of the portfolio “date published” list, and two update approval emails were sent.
I just changed the price of the item, and this happens.

Since this bug updates the upload date to the latest, there is also an issue where updated items are moved to the top of the “new sort” search list.

I am concerned about the exploitation of this bug.

@Will4490 Please check this issue.