Unclear on soft rejection instructions for resubmit

Hello, I have received a soft rejection with outlined instructions on what to do to resubmit. However I am unclear what they are wanting me to correct in saying this:

1.This item would be much more useful if you included a version that contained an alpha channel, or a matte to key out the background.

I have checked my files and each mov clip is showing an alpha with me exporting it RGB + Alpha in After Effects. I have also imported them in editing software to review them also showing alpha channel? Are they not being to seeing that on their end?

2. You can leave the audio jungle track in the preview video, but please remove it from the main animation file.

None of my main animation files have audio?

How would you interpret these instructions when uploading to motion graphics under lower thirds? Thank you.

If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated

This sounds like you accidentally uploaded the preview as the main file. I’d just upload the main file again and resubmit, write in the message to reviewer box that you are uncertain how this happened as both problems should not be there.