Hard rejected video. Do not understand why.

Hello. I made motion graphics fantasy nature background for St. Valentine day and it was hard rejected due to quality standarts. Im trying to understand the reason why it was rejected. I submitted it to backgrounds - nature category. 2 clips included: main as on youtube and version without fireflies. As for quality, i dont think i can further improove quality. My several items with the same quality are already accepted on Videohive. Also there on the market are items with simplier quality and it was accepted. Maybe wrong category or i shoud submit it to stock footage. Rejections do not motivate further uploading to Videohive.

Hi. Sorry for your rejection. In my opinion, your work is almost a still frame instead of motion graphics background. It lacks of motion and just a little animation of the trees, water and fireflies is not enough, maybe that’s why the reviewer rejected it.
Don’t give up! It was just one rejection and you have other approved items.
Good luck! :+1:

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This item is very similar in quality to your previous rejected item. So it’s a little weird to make the same mistakes and expect a different result.
Beams of stars to the right and left are longer than up and down. This deformation looks unnatural.

I never thought that this could be a reason for rejection in fantasy and abstract videos. Thanks for the hint.

Thank you for reply. Reviewers already accepted severals my videos with static camera, and there on the market many video with static camera. I dont think this is issue.
romlam I fixed what you suggested, also changed lights, sky and some other elements, resubmitted and stiil got hard reject.
Probably will not resubmit it again, reviewers may send me warning for 3rd attempt, just curious what the reason for rejection ? I will be very appreciated if some of reviewers can answer.
Im pretty sure this item will get some sells, why not accept…

In general, the product does not look realistic. But at the same time, the product does not look like a deliberate stylization. To me it looks like a poorly implemented attempt at making a realistic product. IMHO

Ok. Anyway I didn’t mean just a static camera. I was talking about objects in scene with very little motion. I still think it looks like a postcard instead of motion graphics because it should have more motion, maybe that’s why it still receives rejections. But it’s just my humble opinion.

3rd attempt and still no luck. I made different item from previous one and it was hard rejected with standard email notification. I know reviewers are very busy and i dont want disturb them with poor quality standard. For exclusive authors, it would be good write 1-2 words about rejection. This helps save reviewers time and improve their exclusive contributors.
Im not trying to make realistic videos, more like semi-realism in some cases. For realistic videos - stock footage is better choise. Some of my items with similar quality was accepted but not this and one of my previously item. Is this item too bad for using as background?

The hard truth is no one will give you feedback like that on Envato. Then every author would start demanding the same, and that’s just ungodly unrealistic amount of time spent on feedback. This is a marketplace not a school :sweat_smile:

Either submit a competitive project, which has conformed to “the things this marketplace values” and get accepted or don’t conform and enjoy your rejections. Or just go to another marketplace, which values a bit different things. Some of your items might have better success there.

And sometimes even if you do everything right, maybe you’re just unlucky or recently there was an influx of items which were a bit better, unique whatever else, which helped to paint your amazing submission in that sort of light where it looked like nothing too outstanding and just lacking a bit somewhere, and boom you got rejected. Just gotta keep on trying.

Also sometimes endlessly iterating the same rejected idea is not worth it…and you’ll just further waste your time. Just start fresh with something different.

Your words make sense. Im still new to envato market, you right, other places may be better for this type of work. Some rejections will remain mystery, why not accepting items that will have a few sales but accepting countless flag animation videos that probably never will have sales, for example.

Also sometimes endlessly iterating the same rejected idea is not worth it…and you’ll just further waste your time. Just start fresh with something different.

Im trying to understand reason for rejection and only way to do this trough countless attempt. This will save my and reviewers time in the future for not submitting this type of item. Probably reviewers want to see this item as realistic but i used stylized sky and realistic other elements as romlam mentioned before.
Thank you for reply.

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Definitely needs some kind of camera move in there. I think the stars are a bit too stylised for my liking, but that’s just a personal opinion. Not sure why it’s so long as well… if the moon is static then no need for it to be longer than 10 seconds as a seamless loop. I’d also add a slight edge highlight to the tree on the right and a reflection of the moon in the water. Apart from that, and maybe a tweak to some of the colours, it looks pretty good.

Yes, original video duration is 10 sec, i made longer version for youtube :slight_smile: For the moon reflection in water i used realistic reflection, with this camera position and moon altitide there is no reflection. I agree, with reflection it may be better.
Thanks for sharing your point of view.

The third time, you make the same mistakes and expect a different result.
Your stars are still flattened.
Looks like you don’t read what is being advised :man_shrugging: