A question for the review team

Last year I submitted time lapse footage of people in a shopping mall in 1920X1080 resolution and yesterday while going thru my back up hard drive I came across these time lapse files which was originally shot in 4,068 pixels so I decided to submit the footage again in 4K size with reference link to the earlier files in the portfolio. Today these files got rejected…

My question to the reviewer is what’s your standard of approving footage? I send files that have already been accepted but in bigger size does this means the footage already in the portfolio will be deleted?

What are the standard here?

When submitting footage that has already been approved in a different resolution, please provide links to those items in the Notes to Reviewer section.

Our review standards increase from time to time, so since your items were approved last year, they technically might not make the cut under today’s standards.

Please resubmit the items that were rejected and provide links to the existing items, explaining that you just want to submit higher resolutions.

Hi MotionRevolver, thanks for your reply.

I did added link to the previous low res approved file in the notes to reviewer section and explain that I wanted to submit a higher res. but the footage got rejected.