Why do you think I get rejection?

Hi. I’ve received a rejection for the videos below. The videos are actually 4k and 30fps. Since I live in Istanbul, I created some images on the Bosphorus. I made small color works for these videos. And I submitted it to the videohive team for approval. By the way, this is the first time I’m uploading videos. But I got rejection in three of them. I have been advised to visit the forum as they have stated that there is no clear reason for the refusal. I wanted to get the opinions of you professionals from here and consult. Why do you think my video was not approved?

Note: There were no licence problems.

Videos: https://youtu.be/1gKajDeLUHg

Thanks in advance for your answers.

This is common with hard rejections. You will almost never get an explanation for hard rejects.

From selling on VideoHive for a while, I can say the composition of the shot is probably why it was rejected. The sky takes up too much of the frame. It would probably get approved if you zoomed in more on the boats.

As far as most of your clips getting rejected, this is also very common. Most stock video clips get rejected. Even for myself (and I have a good idea of what the review team wants) I still get 7-8 out of 10 stock footage clips rejected. Every time.

Thank you for your valuable reply. Well, one more question! I created this video with the phone. Could it have been rejected for this reason?
Thank you :v:

Possibly, but the quality of the footage looks respectable to me. 4K always helps. And more 4K clips will get approved than 1080p HD ones, because there are fewer 4K clips on Videohive. Good luck! :+1:

thank you very much :v: