Why could it possibly be rejected?

I have this video rejected cause: “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”
This video
The only rejection is from Envato. I am trying to understand what went wrong.
4K video, 30fps.(shutterstock preview kills the quality, but the original is pretty clear) Stylized to stop motion (has the texture of a plasticine fingerprint that changes randomly every frame). So, could it be because of blurred background or the reason is in stop-motion stylization? I hope the content itself isn’t a “low quality” for Video Hive :sweat_smile:

Hello @inegvin

A ask… do you download a video in Shutterstock? If you download a video in Shutterstock, it was hard rejected in Videohive because of the problem with copyright.

Damn, man :rofl: Of course not! It is MY video that was accepted by shutter (and all other stocks), but wasn’t accepted by Envato.

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Sorry, really I not can help you because I am not expert in videohive because I never sell in videohive but I love help you :slight_smile:


Remember no say me man because I am women, my name is Jerika :slight_smile: but my family say me Jeri :slight_smile:

Very upsetting to be left in a limbo.

that was a great animation