Video rejected on quality grounds

I recently submitted 3 stock video footages and all 3 got rejected.
-I used a professional camera to record all 3
-All videos in HD format which is acceptable as per envato standards
-Used a Steadycam as well to remove video shake

  • The Video script/ Content in all 3 depicts people avoiding social distancing in Unlockdown state while buying grocery (Indian Grocery market) and such video script is in lot of demand in india. Envato has ‘Zero’ search results on the above theme. So there can be no case of too much/many video with similar content/story either

In the email, there is no mention on - what quality grounds did the videos get rejected.
You can find the footage in link below. The original footage submitted on Envato didn’t have watermark (added for youtube only) . Would be really great if someone can help me figure out what could have been possible reasons for Hard rejection

The reason why such videos were rejected could be that people are easily recognized. You need a release form for each person in a clip

Hi Zygista thank you for the feedback…Below is the exact response i got in the envato mail -
“unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”
They don’t mention anywhere that i need a release form. If that would have been the case, they could have soft rejected or put the upload on hold till the user uploads model release form
Moreover, the young adult in the video is wearing a face mask so not sure how he is identifiable in that case

Thank you again

Hi abjeet1. I agree that explanation of rejection reason is somehow encrypted here. I receive also exactly the same text for rejected clips. Also possible that niche with similar to your clip is overloaded here on Envato. But people can be easily identifiable only from the eyes. When I upload clips with only eyes I send a release form.

Trust me when i say that there isn’t any niche similar to the content in my clips anywhere on major stock footage platforms, let alone Envato. Before uploading the clips, i searched most of them including envato and came out with ‘zero’ relevant results…Anyways, my stock footage got accepted on quality grounds on other platforms so can be sure it has nothing to do with the quality of clips as they point out. Definitely First and the last time i uploaded stock footages here on Envato