Feedback for new author, please.

Hello everyone! I submitted my first tracks recently, and they are all rejected. Please give me some feedback so that I understand my mistakes and in what direction do I need to develop my music:

Hi there!
In my opinion - all tracks are pretty not bad.
But, there’s no commercial sound.
Mixing and instruments positions in some of the tracks are not good.

Let’s take a look at the track with the whistle. It’s out of tune a little bit. I’m not saying that there are golden rules about quantize, but, in this track it would be pretty great. And again - mixing.

And what i can hear, that there are no space in your tracks.
So, listen to the top authors tracks. Listen every instrument and every idea. Don’t forget about mixing :slight_smile:

Try to create 1 track with all that stuff. Try to make it right. Upload and if it’ll be approved - there you go :slight_smile:

Good luck to you! You have a great ideas just work with a structure. Make it more commercial and don’t forget about mixing.

And again - Good Luck to you :slight_smile:

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AUIR, tnank so mutch for fast reply.
About whistle - yes, you right, it not exactly enough, i noticed too late…was drunk maybe :slightly_smiling_face: (it’s a joke)
As to mixing, instruments positions and space - i’m trying to understand what all this means and hear how it should be. The work with space for these tracks was, frankly, some reverb here, some reverb there :man_facepalming: , and i mixed, as it seemed sounds good. Unfortunately I’m not a sound engineer by education(just a classical musician), but I’m digging in this direction now :construction_worker_man:
I will be very grateful if anyone will share useful and understandable videos or articles about it.
Ok! Thanks and good sales!
P.S. Sorry for my english

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Try to search on Youtube some stuff like - Reverb Tips and tricks, or “Reverb tutorial”
Don’t forget to use send channels.
And i think that the main problem with that rejections are not reverb and mixing.
The main problem is - Non-commercial sound and ideas.

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Thanks so much! This is very useful for me at this stage.

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Good Luck :slight_smile:

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