REJECTED! I need your advice!

Dear Authors,

this is my first post over here. I am quite new to stock music and until now all my submissions were rejected by AJ. I tried to improve my skills with every rejection, but now I need your help.
Please have a listen to this kind of cinematic piece and tell me whats wrong and why it is hard rejected.

Thanks so far for your help!

Ok mate let’s see what you got heh.
There is indeed a lot can be done to improve that one. All what’s i’m saying is just my opinion follow it or not is all up to ya :wink:
Strings are too dry makes them sounds way too fake (can add reverb/change library). Bells are a bit to loud and also very dry. Pizzicato strings sounds a bit that they are not belong to main strings/theme, also dry as well as horns at 0:48. Pad for my taste is a bit too synthy and belongs somewhere in electronic music, you can change it or make quieter. Also maybe some speed up could help a bit, but not sure, sounds a bit empty to my taste. Also some more background instruments/loops can make it more busy. I dunno what else, maybe other Authors can say more. Anyway, gl with it. :wink:

Hello, It is hard to take rejection when you work so hard to create your music. Don’t be discouraged. Even the best get rejected. After hearing your track, I can hear some things that could use improvement. As Spitfire mentioned, your mix is sub-par. Things are really dry and need more attention to mix. The mix is key to getting your music accepted. Yes the music is important but if it is not mixed right your song gets canned quick. You have some great ideas but some of the phrasing didn’t match. In commercial music, phrasing is very even (exp. 8 bars in common time and repetitive) . My suggestion is keep going. Don’t give up. You will get it. Listen to the top sellers on AJ to get reference to the sound you need. If you don’t have High quality samples for your midi library it will suffer also. Best wishes. Stick with it.

Thanks for your kind words!

So really basically said, I need to improve my mix, especially with reverb etc.
Keep my phrasing simple and just go on, right?