False advertising from Modeletheme on enefti nft marketplace core.

Bought plugin and hasn’t worked once since i bought it it’s almost a week and the problem isn’t resovled, now i have a plugin that doesn’t work and support has no answers on how they going to help.

What i can i do?

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In this article you can find everything regarding refunds and if you are eligible for a refund.

Well its Falsely advertised, and before i bought i send a email asking if it work on a specific EVM blockchain and they said yes,

I requested a refund but no feed and the is no way of showing the refund process, the support avoids the problem at hand, so a envato what should i do?


They use a compulsory 3rd party that if you dont use the plugin doesn’t work, and in this case the problem is the 3rd party which makes it useless for me to use modeltheme theme and plug-ins,

If your request was sent to the author, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking link.

It is important you keep this link as you may need it to raise a dispute.

The tracking link gives you access to the refund request, where you can:

  • Monitor the progress of your refund request,
  • Communicate privately with the author (meaning that this conversation will be visible to you, the author and Envato only),
  • Raise a dispute.

How do refunds work?


@mgscoder i didn’t receive that

have you sent refund request from here?

If yes then you should receive email, please check spam/junk as well.


Yes, found the link, ill add more corresponding details.

They are still in progress going on the 8th day

If author doesn’t respond to your refund request within 5 days you can raise a dispute using that link.

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How long does it take for the dispute to make a decision

Envato team will review your dispute within 5 business days.

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but this policy is unfear to clients, so i can buy a plugin when i start using it i find out their 3rd party service isn’t working the plugin sellers isn’t responsible and they can choose to ignore because the Envato policy allows them, so i can brand the plug and do that to others because i know Envato will take my side