Seller lied on refund request response. What to do?

Hi, we bought a theme and the seller, in his response lied about us messing with the code to justify bugs to get away with the refund.

We have documented video of the issues and more than happy to send logins to envato to check.

We already raised the dispute with envato, but just now realized about the manipulative lie to deceive envato judgment.

What can we do at this stage and how can we get in touch with envato before they take a decision?

Thank you

Just one question before some suggestions, does the live website have the same issues?


The issues presented are only visible when you activate some functions in the admin area.

So not possible to identify unless you buy the theme.

They intentionally did not activate the captcha they coded in the sign up form in the demo, which is one of the security issues we found (you can easily insert a wrong code or not add any at all and it lets you sign up)

Others are related to broken header and breadcrumbs conflicting, in which they admitted they have an issue with it and suggested us not using a sticky header.

Others are related to functions when it comes to user packages and location.

None of which we could have tested before.

Please open an Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know. Don’t forget to include the refund request link in the support ticket. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


Thank you! We just did now and presented further proof to the review team.