How do I get a refund?

How do you get a refund? I did a refund request and was told it would be 4 days. Unsurprisingly, there was no response from the author who is probably long since gone. I raised the dispute after a week but it appears that all that happened was a new email was sent to the creator. At what point do I get my money back?

as you have raised a dispute then envato team will investigate the refund request and will take steps as necessary. please keep patience you will get dispute result as quickly they can.

Also you can get in touch with envato support team by opening a Help ticket

Having issues with this also.
Always bought from themeforest and spent a lot of money here…
Purchased a theme recently that was advertised as being designed to use with a certain plugin, on instalation have had nothing but problems caused by the theme…
Layout issues, broken nfunctionality, all tested with no other plugins installed, just the theme, and also tested with just the theme and the plugin that it is advertised as being designed for.

Requested help from author at first, then more help, then more as the problems kept becoming apparent after content was added etc.

Author turned from being helpful, to giving reasons why he couldnt help that weekend, then the following week, then after givign ftp access which was tested as working, simply said he couldnt log on even though I then sent multiple screen shots of ftp working etc.

Turned into author even logging into my site with admin acces I had setup, installing other themes and plugins and saying the issues is with these and not his theme!!!

Envato simply sent the refund request to the author who said no and lied in the extent of problems having.

I have disputed the denial of refund, but now heard nothing from envato.
Author simply lying in my correspondance with him.

Do I have to now go to Paypal resolution centre and then have my account ‘locked’ by envato as per their refund policy???

Seems a little one way, taking money but actually not offereing a proper service to check on refunds and responsible authors.

May well be the last thing I buy here if this is just dismissed. Cant afford to give money away for products that are missrepresented in advertising, especially in current work climate.