How do you request a refund?

So, I’m looking up how to request a refund and can not figure out how at all. I’ve talked to the theme developers and they said they’d give me a refund but I have to do it through themeforest. However is absolutely pointless as it doesn’t say anywhere on the bloody thing on how to fill out a form. their help center doesn’t have anywhere to submit a ticket… How do I manage to get in touch with someone from ThemeForest to get a refund on a product?

How do I get a refund? I have contacted the Author on a non-working item and have received no reply. The (very poorly documented) Envato “help page” says my complaint can be escalated and Envato will investigate, but there is no mention of how to do this.

I have been a customer for almost 10 years and this is the first time I have ever had to do this. I have no idea what to do to get a lousy $6 back.

Hello @mjg234

Open a support ticket at and explain the situation to them. They’ll help you receive your refund.


I did that. I have had no reply communication from Envato. No response on if they accepted or rejected it. When I tried again, just now, it does not show up in my list of purchases to protest.

I have never seen a company fight so hard to keep $6 from a customer.

It’s not my $6 that bothers me. It’s that I have told them they need to take this down so the next guy doesn’t fork over $6 and end up in the same boat. They did nothing there either.

As for removing an item for whatever reason - this may not happen at exactly the same time as a refund is issued as it may need to be checked by other teams too