(Locked) How to Request A Refund?


I am sorry but I have looked everywhere to try to figure out how I would go about asking for a refund for a purchase I had made here.

The first 4 themes I purchased were all fine with a little fixin’s but this last one has multiple issues with the blog & then with the logo area.

How would I go about requesting a refund? $40 is just too much to spend on a theme that I am not going to use. Can I exchange or a theme that actually works?

Thank you in advance,

EDITED TO ADD: I am not using it because the functions do not work - not because I just dont like it :wink:


I’m 99.9% sure you can only get refunds on themes that you haven’t downloaded from your TF account, but try opening a ticket on http://support.envato.com/


Thank you for getting back to me so quickly - I have sent a request. That is very disappointing that refunds might not be available for products that do not work. I completely understand if I had just changed my mind but this is different.

Thank you again,


If the files are malfunctioning / corrupt or the files are not what the item description claims then Envato Support will refund your credit.

You need to provide specific information of why you think this item is malfunctioning.

I’m not from Support so I can’t guarantee this.


I have to say this company seems to have the worse refund process I have come across. I had a deadline but the theme I purchase simply would not install correctly and had numerous problems. The seller tried to help but nothing changed. So I had no choice but to ask for a refund. Themeforest, however, would not even return my inquiries for 4 days and have given no information if I will get a refund or not. My deadline has already passed costing me a considerable fee in losses.

PS: How can the criteria for a refund be “if you have not downloaded”? How can you find whether it has technical issues if you never download it? If a theme has technical issues of course a refund must be issued. Its consumer law.


I believe the download criteria applies if it is the wrong file. There is a separate clause as explained above if it does not function as advertised. While I hope you get your problem fixed this is a 2 year old thread and you will have more luck maybe tweeting support.