Help me How I get refund,

I am good buyer on envato, First I talk to sell then I purchase item.

I sent him link of example and ask him, your plugin like that so he send me demo and his email response is "Hi I think our plugin can support all features like in link you sent Please visit our demo at"
But his plugin is not work like that so I told him refund, he is not agree to refund my amount.

as you know this is not problem in my side. this is problem of sell support. If his plugin is not work like example so he talk me that why I purchase this.

01 - Is Envato giving you rights to tell a lie and sell your products. If you don’t refund I will talk to envato.
02 - how can I send dispute to envato
03 - how I will get refund.

There were no lies. Well, none that can be confirmed anyway. He said he thinks that it should work, and although it ended up not working… he didn’t guarantee that it would. Sure, it may have been a blatant lie, but there’s no evidence to support that, so best to assume that the author just made an error or an incorrect assumption. These things happen.

However, under the circumstances, if what you say is correct, then in my opinion, it’s only fair that the author approves the refund request. You should have a dispute button in your refund section (which to be fair, a lot of buyers are having trouble finding) but if not, contact support to escalate the issue.

Envato Help & Support Center

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It’s a tough question…

If you visited demo page (as suggested by author), I believe it’s your responsibility to check if plugin supports all the features you need or not. Unless the feature you need is “under the hood” and requires an additional setup/testing, which was impossible to do with live demo.

if support/author is saying they support such feature thn its support responsibility. If they can not provide thn refund should be given to buyer

In brief - yes, you are right, Jthemes. In other hand, it depends on many factors. Very often, some specific feature is surely supported, but requires an additional setup and/or configuration, and some users want to get it “out of the box”, without putting any efforts. In such a situation, I don’t think a refund would be available.