Envato is blocking me

Few month ago I’ve registered here and I was doing my best to submit my work here, but I think Envato is blocking my, they are hard rejecting all my projects. I’m sharing previews of my projects, I don’t want to offend anybody but I’ve seen far worse projects shared here and approved.
Here is my projects previews:


and they are reviewing my projects almost 2 weeks. I have no problem I can go to competitor site and share my projects there but I don’t understand.
may be because i’m new here and they are blocking new members? I think this is not fair.
is there any chance to get response from them?

Please contact the support team ! I think it may be a mistake !

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2 weeks it`s normal.

Believe me, Envato has not blocked you :slight_smile:

We’re a pretty open minded bunch here, heck, we rarely even block people from the forums!

The reason you’re being rejected is that the bar for entry is very, very high. A lot higher than a lot of competitor marketplaces (which I think is actually a good thing).

Hope that alleviates some concern :slight_smile:

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