I do not like!!!

I do not like!!!
when for had reject for no good reason!
when it takes a year to wait to be reject!
when sales are virtually the same with 500 files and 2000 files!

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why envato are not let author comment on project that they reject ? but let we come here to forum and ask. it’s not make any sense :frowning:

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I feel your pain.

However, Envato is an opportunity for us.

Don’t you think they want us to earn more? If we make money, they make money.

As far as reasons for you not making more sales:

-maybe they are in the same niche and they cannibalize on each other.
-maybe they are dated in some way…look at competitors that have good sales

Also, you’re an entrepreneur, search for other opportunities.

Just complaining in the forums clearly won’t help you.