Envato don't like me :(


I think envato don’t like me. I have got 12 soft rejections. It is possible? Please check it.

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Chill. it is a commercial site, they can’t have a personal deal with authors or buyers. That thing happens to anyone randomly, nvm and Keep it up! :smiling_imp: :scream:

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Hahaha… That’s fun.You are Elite author :laughing: Envato can’t like you. :thumbsup: Thanks for share this pic. Uplifted my mood :laughing:

Thirteenth rejection!!!

You’re being rejected for legitimate reasons, stop complaining and fix them. No amount of complaints changes the fact that there are errors on your theme.


You are very lucky that you didn’t get a hard rejection yet :slight_smile: Reviewers are trying to help you. And personal suggestion - do not simply fix those issues, take your time and go through all of the possible issues - titles, validation, options etc etc and then provide reviewers a list of other improvements. Good luck!


If the reviewer found the problems your clients will also find, so just fix it

Good luck man , God bless you !)))

Its weird but it happens with most of the authors :frowning:

Envato like you )))

I hope that envato likes me :smiling_imp:

I appriciate patience of reviewrs on this all they even repeating issues i think you are not fixing things yourself someone from your team doing if so review before sending to envato.