Upload first project on Envato Market,

Hello Every body,

Thank you for all Envato team and all Envato Authors in Envato Forums,
Could you please help me to get approval for my first project, i already upload but has rejected.
I need clear procedure and clear requirements,
If there is any simple way to do this job perfectly and professional.

I hop to be one the active Envato Authors… :neutral_face:

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There is no simple way to get approved and sell here. This is not a place for easy money.


Thank you for your reply, we don’t talk about just to take money, i asked about how i can make my projects more than more professionally and raise my experience in business with Envato market area,
So please be inform that if i need to complete this job not for Easy money.
if i need easy money i can make same project in other way and take lot of money.

It depends on your creativity, skills and graphic design experience. If you are a beginner it is very hard to compete with other authors that have years of experience in this marketplace.

If you want more then general a feedback you need to post the rejected item here.

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hi there , u have to understand just this … we could provide u with generic like type of “instructions” but honestly they will be of no real help … the thing that is efficient is that u post your rejected item, let us know what u have created and that we let u know what’s wrong with your item, there will be a good deal of conclusions for u to make from there, if u know what I mean …

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