Elite Author...does it happen ?

Am curious: do elite authors still have some hard rejections once in a while ? or do they hit the target everytime ?


I think It’s true that the Elite author also getting hard rejection.
there is no doubt at all.



Thanks for submit item in envato market.

Item rejections are based on item quality, It not depend on author level

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Envato Item Reviewer check Quality of the submit Item not their Author level. If a newbie submit a quality Item it will be approved and if a Top Author Submit Item not meet Quality Standard then will be rejected. In short Quality is most important So simple…


We know that Elite authors can get hard rejects because some have posted on forum when it happens.

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Hi @PiranhaSound!
I am curious: why you count other people’s “hard rejections”? :sweat_smile:

Reviewers are 100% unbiased to your status on the marketplaces. Reviewers reject Reviewers, Reviewers reject Moderators, Reviewers reject Staff Members. It really doesn’t have anything to do with your status on the market. If your file is of the quality necessary, it will get approved, otherwise, nooooope! :smiley:


i think i didnt express myself well, maybe barrier langage. I have like a 50% ratio of rejected track and i dont feel like am really improving that ratio. so my point is : when U start to be a good seller , do U have a better understanding of what are the criterias, or do U still have (regular) hard rejection…
Plus, i find it hard to judge the quality of ur own work, do U get better at that with time …?

am not counting people hard rejections, trying to understand mines keeps me busy enough :wink:

anyway, thanks all of U for ur answer.


It is well proven that experience helps in a lot of areas of work, but what is better is to pay attention and analyze why an item is rejected and keep that in mind for the next release. Experience per se is not enough. I guess you get better with time if you do the homework :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you can consider reviewers as “father figures” (definition) so to say. They can guide you to the most common mistakes so you can better yourself. Once you get the “standards” of how things are done, then your creativity can roam free. You know how things should work, and your creative side will come up with the rest to match that criteria.

The review process basically defines the “better practice standards”. Nothing more. If you understand those standards, and accept them, then the only way is up! :slight_smile:

“analyze why an item is rejected” yes, this is the the hard part !

Thanks for ur time !
(btw went to check ur portfolio, very impressive work !)

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I have rejections very rarely and elite status hasn’t changed this.