Level 8 Elite Author, Hard reject on this ? without further explanation? Please Envato, we've been through so much.

No explanation whatsoever from the reviewer.
Maybe some of the readers here can think why?

Doesn’t seem it should be hard rejected. I would just replace text000… with some actual text.

Sorry, but… what the difference between an item with not enough quality from elite author, and an item with not enough quality from not elite author?


Haha for once we actually agree on something, well said.

On the project: It’s just WAY too slow. The particle effect itself is pretty alright, but nobody in the entire world will sit through a 20 seconds logo reveal. In 95% of cases, everything that’s 6-7 seconds is too long. And background is lacking, you could add something like clouds or just more particles, maybe a sort of particle “field”. Soundtrack doesn’t seem fitting for an elegant slow project like this also

the difference is as a regular author, I thought “elite” is some form of a privilege.
now it seems more of a backfiring “title”.
you think the reviewer would’ve hard-rejected it for a new author?
you think if the reviewers weren’t also selling on this marketplace, the decision would’ve been the same?

hard rejecting is out of line here.

But hey, no worries and g’day mates :slight_smile:
Time to go back to keeping my mouth shut with timtams and vegemite. :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::sunglasses::rofl:

I’ve seen hundreds of elite authors with a bad portfolio that have become to elite only because they started selling their products in 2009 (for example). So “Elite” does not mean anything. And it is right. Because everyone has equal rights. This is called democracy :slight_smile:
What about your rejected item:
As colleagues have said:

  • too slow and too long camera
  • “text000” text looks bad
  • add more particles

I’d add more dinamic moving (and make it fast). Now camera have only 2 keys.
In general it looks attractive, but a lil bit strange. I even don’t understand what is this. In first seconds it looks like a butterfly, and then it looks like a bird.
It’s too exclusive I guess. It’s great, but unfortunately it’s not flexibily for a customer. I mean: only few people may need this exclusive animation.
Also inclined font in the end looks bad.
I guess and hope it will be approved if you work a little more with this item. Good luck! :wink:


no, it won’t. Thats the whole point of a hard reject.
but thank you.

thats not for anyone but the people to decide.
too exclusive, and great were never a reason for a hard reject before.
neither was the text used in the placeholders…
Wonder if with enough sale reversals I can go back to level 6, stay off the radar…

Not sure if you’re implying that reviewers are hard rejecting only good projects so they can sell more, cause that sounds pretty stupid.

You hire authors to review, people complain they’re biased and thinking of their best interests. You hire people who aren’t authors, people complain they don’t know the market. Damned if you, damned if you don’t.

Bottom line… the majority of people look for someone or something to blame for their rejection, never even considering that it may be related to the actual quality of their work.


I think you’ll find they have hired people who aren’t authors.

Not that I know of. But if they did, then they’d have people complaining about not knowing the market… which has been demonstrated by them hiring reviewers in other categories… who aren’t authors.

We get it… you’re great, your work is amazing, the reviewers are obviously wrong for rejecting your item. But maybe you could adapt to meet what the reviewers are looking for in an effort to get it accepted?

No, just making something decent.

Its not me you need to appease. And words won’t get your items approved… the quality of your items will get your items approved.

Have you considered signing up to Tuts+? They have a wide range of courses and tutorials on animation that might help you get to where you need to be when it comes to the quality of your items. Worth a look!

Just trying to help. The issue here isn’t sales or levels, or numbers of items… it’s getting items approved. Which you’ve not been able to achieve in this instance. There must be a reason for that.

I noticed a similar scenario in another thread. On that case a reviewer pointed that the logo formation is not so naturally blended with initial element it started with. In your case, when the bird vanishes and logo appears it looks like a simple faded transition. That can be reason for hard rejection or atleast one of many reasons.

I think if you contact support, you may get answer from reviewer.

You should’ve mentioned in the first initial thread that “if you’re not lvl 8 or higher, you don’t get to express your opinion on this public forum, kthx”. Now myself being a mighty lvl 9 supreme awesome elite author, my opinion should hold more value EVEN THAN YOURS.

Why are you so hung up on this project? I have an approved butterfly particles logo reveal, and it took me like half a day to make. And I could recreate your project in less time than that. This isn’t where you should take a stand against the tyranny of Envato, my friend. Take the advice or not, you should move on already.

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No problem friend. I even have a tutorial for you that might help, it only takes 20 minutes to do

I’d like to address this common misconception again:

Elite Authors don’t obtain a “privilege” when it comes to review decisions. Elite authors’ items are not automatically accepted for sale, nor is there any type of exception made for an Elite author who submits a subpar project. Elite author items are reviewed under the same criteria as anyone else.

As a matter of fact, being Elite has the opposite effect. When an author obtains Elite status, we actually expect much higher quality, and overall better projects from Elites than we do from a non-Elite author.


If you are implying that your project would have been approved had you not been an Elite Author, you’re incorrect. The project would have been rejected either way.

I believe you missed the most important part of my response:

While I would personally expect to see higher quality from Elite VH Authors, it in no way affects review outcome.