Rejection pattern ??

Hi Everybody !
Today i got 2 items approved (yeees !), and yesterday, i got 2 other items rejected :cry:
Since A little while , I never submit more than 2 items at the same time, because i noticed that they’re always both accepted, or both rejected…
Not saying that the mood of the reviewer is one of the parameter, but…
Did anyone notice something kind of similar, or Am i just a paranoid rejected Author ? :wink:

A reviewer is an elite author who earns enough money. Instead of enjoying life, he has to spend time on our tracks. You ask happen “rejected” because of bad mood, I will answer: Yes, of course happen and very often.

No one is forcing anyone to review tracks and not all reviewers are elite authors. There are reviewers on all levels and not all them are active as authors on AJ. I bet that reviewers doesn’t get choosed by which level they are on but their musical knowledge and experience in and outside the Envato marketplaces.

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How many times has this happened? I don’t see any logical reason why it should be like this so my guess is paranoia :wink:

Well, actually i see rejection and approval linked to commercial viability of your music. Though system sometimes skip crap to market, most of time it works just as intended. So i am not thinking you were treated on the base of random rejection-approval pattern, it just mean you have 2 good and 2 bad tracks. So get it as it is. :slight_smile:

“old age is a shipwreck” …so not only hair loss, I will have to face paranoia from now :disappointed_relieved:. I hope i’ll be able to make a few more sales before to be completely insane.
but seriously, thanks for your answer. That whole submitting process has a lot of mystery for me, and i guess sometimes it’s more easy to blame it on an unknown reviewer. ego ego…

me and my ego will follow your advice and take it as it is :wink:, Lumenmedia,
thanks for your answer

What? :rofl:

According to you, the reviewers are robots or people who have passed spiritual teachings in Tibet for a large amount of time. It does not matter what level of professionalism a person has. If I let you listen to the song now and it doesn’t resonate with your emotions you will say that you don’t like it, but tomorrow your mood will be different and you will hear in the song details that you don’t hear now…You should always remember that by nature we are all people of flesh and blood, and titles, positions, skills are secondary factors Which overshadow the very emotions.


I hope you agree with me because you understand what I’m saying, not because the emotions made you give an answer that would sound ambiguous.:slightly_smiling_face:

Of course I agree with such winning arguments :wink:

Great! You’ll be a great example of my statement. Thanks.:wink:

That’s right, there is some kind of pattern, it needs to be solved, a great topic, dude!

Interesting;… I don’t remember having had many Elites in my reviewers!
One of them had 8 years of Envato’s, but was not an author. Simply a music enthusiast.