How often do you elite authors get rejects?

Hey there,

something which came to my mind today: how often do you experienced AJ elite authors get rejects on your uploaded tracks?

It’s just a question out of curiosity. Also I want to see if it maybe does not matter to be a long-time author or a newcomer - maybe the replies could also be motivating for newcomers to see that even elite authors get hard rejects on their tracks (I also found two or three topics, yes … but maybe there are more elite authors!?).

Thanks so much for your replies. I am so cusious! (=


I am not Elite but I think every track is auditioned and judged by the track quality not the author. If the Elite author did a bad track would get rejected the same as all. I think also Elite might have a lesser waiting time?


Thanks for your reply. In this specific case “elite author” was not well captured … in the end I mainly want to know it from every author, which has a longer experience with AJ already (many tracks, good sales, a longer time on AJ already, etc.). So maybe even like you, like it seems, hehe (according to your items, >5 years on AJ and so many sales alreaddy :wink: ). So did you get rejections tthese days as well with tracks you thought were not bad?

I’m curious also! I heard that rejection is a problem to elite or big authors too!

A reviewer told this to me!

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Yes, but when you have a huge portfolio under your belt, for you rejection is a speck of dust that is not as not able to hurt you. By deliberate refusals, you can weed out the part that is not able to constantly alter and improve their products, the part that comes to the market only to earn, they are absolutely not interested in creativity, as a rule, constant training brings not only skills but also self-development, which is especially necessary, I would say Envato helps a person to self-develop and Express themselves

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you get rejections if you do not focus and you are in hurry and rush to finish and upload. no need to rush, you need to make perfect tracks, slowly with experience which comes by failing many times , practicing etc

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Wow, thank you all for all these words.

Very interesting points you wrote there, @hellhat - thanks for these words! :slight_smile:

And yes, @Pandocrator - I also guess that rejections are more common when not taking the music production “respectable” enough. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I sell code / plugins… I just had 10 soft rejects on my first wordpress theme, took me two moths to fix it, it is still under review :slight_smile:

The review process is taken very seriously!


This is also good to read. Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

Hey there!

Personally, I don’t remember having a hard rejection in years. Of course, I’m pretty conservative when it comes to what I upload to AJ in terms of genre, arranging, mixing, structure… everything basically.

I do get soft rejections from time to time, mostly for mistakes in the descriptions or format issues (I work in 48 24 and sometimes forget to downsample to 44 16).

Hope it helps!


I had only few, rare rejections at the beginning.

Now they happen from time to time as well but they are even more rare, I do not remember the last one.

After xx approved items I have learned what kinds of genres, compositions, arrangements and mixes can be rejected so simply I avoid them.

Though I do suppose review level is even higher in oversaturated categories with repetitive styles now.


Thanks, @WormwoodMusic for your reply. Interesting! :slight_smile:

@RedOctopus: thanks for your reply as well.

I cannot second this at the moment, hehe, since I had a rejection already with a “Clap Stomp Percussion” track, which is quite similar to existing tracks. Maybe I did understand you wrong, though. :wink: Nevertheless: thanks for your reply!

Or maybe I wrote it unclearly :slight_smile: I’ve ment that probably now rejections in such categories are more frequent, not less.

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Then I agree with you too :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for clarifying, @RedOctopus!

About wolves well said :sweat_smile:


It’s a thing of beauty @FWDesign. Striking and uncomplicated. Glad to see it’s picked up a sale since and I’m sure it’ll get many more. It would be a perfect launch pad for GraphicRiver and PhotoDune authors.
I wonder if the same is possible, but for filmmaker portfolios, with preview videos which play when you roll the mouse over each one.

Thank you for your thoughts.

About the the video idea I can code that but I need some sales I invested 16 months in this theme :slight_smile: and this affected my income, once the theme will start selling I will update it to handle video as well in the portfolio section.

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Hi Manu,

I agree with @Pandocrator - Its the quality of the work that matters, not the history of the author

Sanjay Kumar

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I get rejections from time to time. If I had to guess, then on overage, I’d say Elite authors get slightly less rejections than non-Elite authors. And if that’s the case, then presented with those stats, people might assume that Elite authors are given special treatment. It’s more likely just a case that Elite authors have been around longer, submitted more items (on average… some have just submitted one!), and have a better handle on what works and what doesn’t work, what’s likely to get approved and what isn’t etc etc. I think items are reviewed on a case by case basis, with Levels and Elite status unlikely to have an impact. I could be wrong, but that’s the way i see it!