Earning Page and Statement Page Calculation is not same after Tax

Hi, I see Statement and Earning page calculation is not same for an Item.

Like My $48 Joomla Item normal earning price is $33.60. After applying US Tax it earning price will be $29.76 which shows on Statement Page. But on Earning and Portfolio Page It Shows $33.60. Attached a screen shot for better understand.

I’ve partner for Wordpress Item. I calculate partnership earning to see Portfolio Page Total Sales Earning. But now its not correct. Any Envato Stuff please, check the issue. Thanks in advance.


This issue is really urgent!

I think we need to open support ticket for the issue.

The amount shown is correct, as it’s based on your earnings, rather than your earnings after tax. If it was to show earnings after tax then there could be considerably different numbers between two authors who may have sold the same number of items at the same price.

But I appreciate that an additional line would be handy, so you know exactly how much you’ll get in the bank. Maybe Envato could add something in, rather than people having to get the calculator out every time they need a quick figure at a glance.


Try using a browser plugin like dashboad plus to calculate author earnings. (click the little 100% next to each item to change percentage as well)

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This plugin made what i want. Thanks a lot dtbaker for help! :grinning: