How To Calculate the Earnings & Fees After the Author Driven Pricing launch



Hi Envato authors,

I am still struggling to find the correct formula for the earnings and fees after the fixed buyer fees have been live.
Anyone can explain the new fees formula?

Thanks in advance :smile:


The fixed buyer fees listed here


list price - buyer fee = gross income
gross income * author fee % = x1
gross income * US RWHT % = x2
gross income - x1 - x2 = earnings


Simple and easy.

Let’s say the item list price is $10, your author fee is 30%, and the fixed buyer fee is $4.

 $10     -     $4        = $6

(List price) - (Fixed buyer fee) = (earnings without author fee).

Earnings without author fee - 30% = 70%

70% of $6 = $4.2

So you’ll earn $4.2 for each $10 sale in PHP scripts category.

You can calculate your earnings using this tool made by @keksdieb

Envato ADP Calculator


Envato prices calculation online tool for authors


Here is a free online tool to calculate authors earnings

It shows buyer & author fees, + author earning amount.
You can compare with 20% buyer fee and see what price correspond to same author earning.

I hope you’ll like & share


Hi @migli,

I liked your tool design, but it’s showing wrong values:

My actual net earning for that item was $9.94 not $8.59, I am in the $12,000+ range, please refer to the other tool given by @DoughouzForest here Envato ADP Calculator



If you want a simple tool with no fancy stuff, just add your price here and it does it automatically for you :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, I corrected code now it shows good values ; thanks for reporting.
I looked for other existing tool before working on mine, and didn’t find @DoughouzForest’s one


It’s not correct, please compare the results with the @DoughouzForest and @migli tools


For ThemeForest it’s smack on! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s correct. It just works in different way from the other tools. In this tool you need to type the price you type in the highlighted field in the edit tab of your item (see the image), and Envato calls that the item price. Whereas in the other tools, you need to insert the price you see on your item pages which is known as the list price.

@migli Can you please change the “item price” string to “list price” in your tool?


I changed to List price, thanks for suggestion.
Can someone explain me what does “it’s smack on” mean ?


Bang on the money! Or just ‘correct’.


You can find app - Envato Cost calculator. Its easy in use and easy i have ever seen. Find it in browser


:+1: Thank man …