HELP, why Statement and Earnings total sales not same value???

I have read this link

But not help, For example:

on Statement page, total earnings from 2015 to now
Net Sales: $13,xxx.xx
US Backup Withholding Tax (withheld): -$2xxx
Envato Author Fees: -$4xxx
Total: USD $6xxx
Net Change to Earnings Account

But on Earnings page
Total value of your sales, before taxes = $17,xxx.xx

This is a big different amounts!!!
How come Total value of your sales, before taxes will be $17xxx?? its should be same as Statement page Net Sales $13xxx

So what is my Sales amounts???

Let me know if i have anything wrong. Thanks all


Here is easy method to calculate your earning

Look like this also:
(( Item Price - Buyer fee ) - TAX ) - Author fee = Your Earning

Hope you get your answer.

Still have any question open a Envato Author Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.



Thanks, i need this info very urgent…i almost cry…can someone give me more info…?

Because i need create a balance sheet, my accountant need my statement.

BUT the statement show net sales, i think i should need the total sales, But the number does not show on my themeforest any statement.

For example, 2015/03 i guess my total sales is $72, on Statement page i see $57.6 net sales , and Envato Author Fees is $21.6, so my earnings is 36, but i does not see $72, and the download csv statement show $79.2 on Price col, what??? all number is not same…

In earnings page i can only see the earnings of 2015/03, but can not see the total sales at 2015/03.

Can someone tell me where can i see the number $72 on The Statement…

Thanks all…its really big issue of my life…

Or in balance sheet i dont need the total sales?? only net sales is ok? i dont think its ok…but any info will help me alot, please share some idea.

Did you submit your tax info ?
My opinion get in touch with Support team they will give you best answer ever

Thanks, i need this info today…or this 2 day…:frowning:
Almost cry…

how can other author find the total sales on statements???

Forget about the $72. $57.60 is your total sales amount before fees and taxes. The missing amount that brings it up to $72 is the buyers fee. This is a fee charged by Envato (on top of the item price) and paid by buyers… you don’t see it, you don;t get any of it, and it doesn’t affect how much you earn.

The total value of your sales does show in big numbers at the top of your earnings page, yes, but that’s only really used to calculate author fee rates and Elite status etc… it has little bearing on your actual income.


Hey my friend, few years ago you answer my question too…i am really happy to meet you again on this forum, how are you?

Ok today I face a big issue on my life…please give me some idea…i need help :frowning:

  1. So i cant find $72 info on any statement on themeforest website?

  2. If yes, that mean i only give the Statements page (Print this overview) pdf ($57.6) to my accountant is ok? I can just forget the $72??? Because i need it for create Balance Sheet and P/L.

You said that:

The total value of your sales does show in big numbers at the top of your earnings page, yes, but that’s only really used to calculate author fee rates and Elite status etc… it has little bearing on your actual income.

  1. Sorry i dont really understand, thats mean the Earnings page big number (Total value of your sales, before taxes) 17xxx.xx is nothing about my Balance sheet? I dont need this number? In fact, my item price dont have the Decimal point, but in Earnings page big number (Total value of your sales, before taxes) has Decimal point. And the $17xxx.xx is really BIG different of my earnings. (or net sales)

  2. CSV download from statement page show a info like this

Its total is $79.2…what is this $79.2…??? Not $72, not $57.6…What is this…? And yes i can see the earnings $36 on the CSV “Amount” col.

Thanks ALL!

What says $79 and what says $72?

Please check the image
I download csv from statement file, this is 2015/03 “PRICE” col, total is $79.2, i dont know why is $79.2. Because 2015/03 my earnings is 36, my net sales is $57.6, but in this csv file, its show $79.2.

In the same file “Amount” total is $36 on 2015/03. its my earnings.

And sorry for my language skill, i try my best to expression my issue :slight_smile:

Ok…i find out what is the $79.2…its sales price plus author fee…

Please give me some idea for question 1, 2 ,3, thanks you so much :slight_smile:

Wish you a niceday.

  1. No, as it doesn’t factor in to your earnings. You don’t see any of the buyer’s fee, so it would be inaccurate to include it in any kind of earnings report. I’m sure you’d rather pay tax on $57 than on $79!

  2. Only your accountant will know if it’s ok, and that will depend on a few factors… mainly your country of residence for tax purposes.

  3. You’ve answered that one above. Big number is item price plus buyers fee. So let’s say the $79/57 amounts are your total earnings for all time. Your csv would show $57.60 but the big number on your earnings page would show $79.20

Thank you so much.

Because i cant find the $72 on any statement on themeforest, so i think i just print all statement to my accountant its ok, i will talk with her late about this question.

As you know which country will need to report total sales plus buyer fee? ($72)

I am just very curious if i cant find the statement of $72 how can i report $72 at the balance sheet / p/l, i think i should not guess the total price, i should all follow the statement ($57.6)

Thank you with all my heart!!! really thank you from 2016 and 2019!!!haha :slight_smile:

wish you a niceday

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Morning, few more question

  1. So the Buyer fee is nothing to do with me?
  2. Envato will pay the buyer fee themselves?

Thank so much.

  1. Essentially. I mean it’s something to be aware of, but it’s nothing to do with your earnings. Imagine Coke being sold in a supermarket. It might be sold for 50 cents to the buyer, but Coke might only get 25 cents of that, for example. So when Coke are reporting their earnings and paying their taxes, the 50 cents doesn’t enter into the equation, as their revenue is 25 cents… not 50 cents. You’re Coke in this example and Envato are the supermarket, just to be clear.

  2. The buyer pays the buyer fee. It’s added to your item price and charged to the buyer… that portion of the total sale price is then taken by Envato.