Dashboard Plus - Envato sales browser extension

There doesn’t seem to be a Dashboard Plus thread on the new forums yet, so I’m starting one to continue the original thread from the old forums.

Dashboard Plus was created by @revaxarts - it’s a browser extension that graphs some of your Envato sales data from the statement page.

Code is here on github: http://github.com/dtbaker/dashboard-plus

It has just been updated to work with the new US tax values in the statement file. This will show you the number of sales that have been taxed along with all the other standard details. Here’s a quick screenshot:

Google Chrome Instructions:

Download as a Google Chrome extension here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dashboard-plus-for-envato/gcbcdaghonmljaplbpbbimmmfhmhcheh?hl=en

Firefox Instructions:

  • Install Greasemonkey
  • Click the Greasemonkey icon arrow, choose “new user script”.
  • Type in “dashboardplus” into name, namespace and description boxes.
  • Click ok, an editor box will appear.
  • Delete everything in this window.
  • Open script.js this script, copy everything, paste it into the greasemonkey window.
  • Click Save.
  • Visit your marketplace statement page.

Awesome work dtbakerI.

Name the script script.user.js and it will be auto installed :wink:



Great! Thanks a lot! :smile:

Thanks Dave for keeping the DBP up to date! While I initial did most of the add ons the most recent contributions were made mostly by him.

Thanks for improving the marketplaces!


Another big thank you from me as well, Dave. Your work is very much appreciated!

@egemenerd made a cool stylebot, here’s a screenshot and the code:

The code; http://pastie.org/10670344

Install Stylebot then add the above code.

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Just discovered this one again. I used DBP years ago but I see a lot of great features have been added, great!

Cannot thank you guys enough, where can I donate a coffee or a beer via paypal to you two guys?

Things I can think of that would be great to have:
Estimate of earnings for current month / current week / current year.
Ability to view a certain range by date, e.g. from Dec 2nd to Jan 5th. (That’s at least not working for me right now when I set it in the original envato range field).


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Hello @dtbaker

Seems the Compare Sales is broken in earnings page. See this :


Last Month Shows 2016/0 instead of 2015/12 :smiley:

Cheers. See if that’s any better now.

Perfect :+1:

I found a small bug, nothing serious but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

Currently I’m looking at the sales of January and get a nice representation of the sales per item as well as the distribution of my buyers around the world map for those sales.

When I now change the sorting of my items, for example to “Earnings”, to see the best performing items in January, the world map shows way more sales than before, probably using now not only January sales but the sales from the last 30 days.

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Looks pretty good. Going to try it out.

Is Dashboard Plus still working after these new envato changes (taxes, us sales etc) ? can we still use it to splitt our money with partners ?


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For what I can see this still work although you should recalculate it by yourself and compare the results. Let us know if there’s something wrong!

Hey Xaver, thank you so much for the quick response .

Sorry, it seems it’s working fine on my side. i’ve calculated the earnings today already and it seems it did the job well.

Thank you so much mate, you are always helpful :wink:

Just a feature request.

The verifying purchase code in author dashboard is cool stuff but as now the extended support feature is start working. So it would be great if it can verify when customer’s support period will be expired. :grinning:

Hope you consider for this. Thanks for great work!


@dtbaker Is it possible to add a option beside per product sale for Us tax ? How much we have paid for us tax in one product.

Thanks very much


Yep both possible @GoodLayers and @XpeedStudio

I’m way behind in support right now so once I’m ontop of that I’ll jump in and add those new features. Probably early next week.


Big thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi revaxarts,

You made my life man, love your extension.
We are partner per item and its save our almost 4 hrs of earning calculation per month.
We really love and thankful to you for this, Bingo !