Envato, display earnings after taxes

Envato, display earnings after taxes. The function of earnings is to see how much an authors has earned. It causes some confusion.

Also Statement page is hard to read, why not to add everything about a purchase in one line and have one final number for earnings from that purchase?

Btw, is there a way to give feedback to envato staff in such cases?

Hi buddy!

I second that. I’ve had issues with understanding my actual earnings. Same goes for ‘list price’ and ‘item price’. Those to are rather confusing, since it comes off as a “hidden” fee.

How much you’ve earned is how much you’re earned though. Taxes are always deducted afterwards. If somebody tells you how much they earn, or if you hear some footballer gets $10,000 a week, or some actor gets $10m for a film… that’s always their earnings before tax.

Although, everything on one line would be nice.


I am not going into details of that analogy, better stick to author experience on envato. It would be better if an author sees the exact sum of money he earns: easier to manage data and cleaner statement page. Don’t you agree?

I am actually shocked that so few author agree with that! Hell, we are designers, it’s so obvious that the cleaner and less ambiguous a design, the better it is.

Yes, I completely agree.

Sure, we should be able to access the information regarding total sales, but the most relevant number would be the sum, after Envato take their fee.

Similar to the list price and item price. Why are we shown the list price on the dashboard? It’s confusing to think your item sells for 17 dollars, when that is in fact the item price + a buyers fee. At least that really confused me when I was looking over my sale statements. I think this could have been clearer.