Do you use moneybookers ? how much fees they cost per your withdrawal

Good afternoon!

what is moneybookers fees per your withdrawal. they cost me 3,99%.

It will cost you almost nothing if you use personal account. But if you have merchant or business account they take few percents from each transaction.

And if you register personal account and will receive big summs like 1000$ they soon switch your account to the merchant again and you will pay about 4% as you said.

My account is personal account type,

but since i got this message from moneybookers they cost me 3,9999% each withdrawal (receive moneys)

Thank you for choosing Skrill (Moneybookers) as your payment provider.

Please be kindly reminded that according to our regulations when receiving commercial payments to your Moneybookers account, for any services or products, including payments for freelancing, there are certain fees that will apply as per article 10.5. or our Terms of Use.

The complete fee schedule is available here:

The same information is clearly displayed on

Please be kindly informed that the fees, currently applicable to your account, can be significantly reduced in accordance to the transaction volumes processed via our services. In this regards, we would kindly ask you to get back to us once you have reached a sufficient transaction volume, allowing us to adjust the fees applied.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have additional questions.

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