Unable To Withdraw From My MoneyBookers Account


I can’t withdraw from my Moneybookers account. When I try I get the following message:

Your account is locked for outgoing transfers therefore we cannot complete this transaction.Please be patient and a member of the Skrill Team will be in touch with you

Its been 2 days, no one has contacted me and I can’t get through to customer care. I have been trying to speak to someone for 45 minutes now. Its absolutely ridiculous!

If this has happened to you before, please let me know how I can solve this quickly and regain access to my account.


yeah, same old moneybookers with a new name called skrill.

they lock accounts randomly for nothing. they never give you a clear answer why they locked your account and this has happened to me before.

first thing to do is open a ticket. ask why this happened and what to do.

they will reply asking you to submit some documents (passport or government issued ID)

then they will reply after few days, either your account is released or terminated. in rare cases they will allow you to withdraw everything in your account for a last time and then terminated.

either way it’s your bad luck. if your month covered by envato revenue, you are doomed. I really feel sorry for you and this same thing has happened to me.

they suck big time man, it’s the same old crap with a new name. I strongly advice you to withdraw via SWIFT or Payoneer card.


It’s ridiculous and I don’t think I will be using them again!


Thanks for sharing this with us, I was about to create an account to use their services in order to withdraw my first dolars. But looks like they don’t care about their customers…



Just open a ticket and wait for someone to reply. MoneyBookers ticket system is a bit slow as compared to others so be patient. Please do not open a second ticket on the same issue because it will directly go to the end of the waiting queue.

I suggest you to get ready with some valid scanned document to prove your Identity and/or Address. Sometimes they just block your account without any warning if they find any suspicious activity.

Hope that helps. Best of luck!.