How long withdraw to local bank on moneybookers take time?

its the first time i use moneybookers to withdraw money to my account. its already 1 week passed. and still no information about my money that i withdraw from moneybookers get into my local bank account.

i already asked support & complain about this. but still no response from moneybookers staff.

can someone share experience about this? how long you get your money to your local bank from moneybookers.

Thank you :slight_smile:

any one know about this?

Once you order a withdraw from moneybookers, you get 2 emails, The first one is a confirmation, the second one is to inform you that the withdraw has been processed, once you get the processed email, you can expect the money in your bank in 2 days (Two working days).

well i get both email. and its already about 1 week away from i first requesting withdrawal and moneybookers send me that my request been proceed.

i just afraid those money won’t come to my account. i have send moneybookers email but not yet get reply.

any one know what should i do now?

Well, I made a withdraw last Friday, but till today nothing has arrived yet.

Maybe this time they running late, but don’t worry they are a reliable site, and as long as your bank information is valid, then I’m sure everything is gonna be O.K.


  1. Frist time withdraw from Skrill take little longer because of your local bank.

  2. For the first time receiving money from Skrill you must sign statement in your local bank that you will receive money in the future from this source.

  3. You will not be able to see money in your bank statement (online) until they (your local bank) process your payment after statement signing, this is the reason why all calling Skrill, actually ‘problem’ is with your bank.

4.Call your bank instead of calling Skrill, trust me.

That is my (and 80% other) experience for the first time, any other time I receive money from 1-2 days from withdrawal moment. Just to add this is experience Raiffeisen bank, country Serbia (but legal papers and procedure should be same in all EU).

hi pebas, i will try to ask my local bank tomorrow. i hope everything going to be fine.

Thank you so much!

In my case i live in EU so transfer is 1 working day.

normally its tak 3 working days or max 1 week.