Skrill withdrawal

Hello guys! My withdrawal from skrill passed 7 days. I’m hella confused right now. I received my two mails after withdrawal from skrill. But money didn’t came to my local bank… is anyone had or got same problem?

Hello Gandosh

Yeah me too, i have the same problem like you, i’ve been withrawal from skrill 10 days ago, and i still didnt receive my money to on my bank account, i just contact them to open ticket/case but it slow response, i still didnt receive their response.

I’ve used skrill five months ago and it’s still good now. My withdrawal with bank transfer delivery will processed between 2 - 3 days.

i’ve been 2 years using skrill, but only this time i got the problem like this with skrill

They have amateur support team, I report some errors for them and they not reply for this. They just fixed without a thanks letter for me :D. But still need use this payment gate.

i opened my ticket still no response. But i got my payment almost 10 days later. Have you got yours? @Subagja

yeah i’ve already sent the ticket too but got no response, i’ve been 10 days and still didnt receive my my money, i’ve withdraw on 15 sep and now 25 sep still didnt receive my money, did you really excatly just 10 days and you got payment ? so there’s no need to finish the open ticket but you’ve got your money normally and just got some trouble about the days, hmm is there maybe some error from their system or what ? im kinda frustasing

yeah still need use this payment, because i’ve been long time use this payment

i’ve got email about their new policy, terms and blah blah. As i understand they got slowed down because of that. But who knows.
Their user support sucks :frowning: i hope you’ll get your payment soon.

what’s kind new policy ? is it just new information about new policy or it’s about your open ticket ? thanks Gandosh, i hope so :frowning:

oh they changed their policy. Then i just thought thats why they’re losing some time.

maybe not :stuck_out_tongue:

yeahh…me too
it was 9 days waiting

Skrill est pas mal, mais dur de l’intégrer

No response here either. Thought it was me only until I said let me check here. Each time you email or respond to a ticket you only get another ticket. I have requested withdrawal since Sep 30th and no luck.

till now? wow. I just got paid after 10 days. Request response came after 10 days lol. Last month was just 8 hours. Don’t know what happened.

Yup, up to now no response just tickets tickets tickets.
I was counting on that money to pay school fees.
I have never had any problems before so I’m waiting this one out and see.

Try to contact customer service in your bank and check your money. I’ve waited up to 7 days and when I checked with customer service in my bank. My money has came to.

Thanks but I checked there, also asked them if any activity in relation to money coming in was occurring and they said no.

Update: They finally responded and finally sent my money. Damn that was a long wait.

Anyways thanks guys.