(Locked) STOP using SKRILL for Withdrawal Money

I recently made a bank transfer (Transaction ID: 1002978288) of $172 USD (after skrill fee) from my skrill (moneybookers) account to my local bank account and i got $136 USD credited into my bank account.

I asked my bank for this huge ($36) deduction, they said we’ve got only $136 from skrill (moneybookers).

Then i submitted a support ticket to skrill for asking them where was gone my $36, they said we’ve sent $172 to your bank, $36 was charged by an intermediary bank involved in transfer.

I contacted again with my bank to ask them there is any intermediary bank involved between you (my bank) and skrill, they said after investigation a few minutes, there is nothing any intermediary bank involved between us (my bank) and skrill to process this transfer, the skrill sent $136 to your account, please ask skrill for your $36.

Then i again submitted a support ticket to skrill for this $36 huge charges (stealing my money) on a $172 transfer and they are not respond me after 15+ days.

I googled for this and found skrill is stealing money from withdrawals without providing any reason (using the intermediary bank as reason which is not involved in).

Also i was sent a test transfer of $15 (Transaction ID: 987198546) to my same bank account few days ago from this transaction which was sucssfully credited in my account without any deduction.

  1. remember intermediary bank can be charged $25 not $36.
  2. if intermediary bank was involved then why skrill is not providing me it’s details.


That sounds scary. I’m currently using paypal atm.

Thank You for information.

That sounds scary. Thanks for information.

good information

Paypal here :smiley:

I had the same problem with Moneybookers and when I ask something they don’t provide any information, so now I’m using paypal and they are providing good service with low rate.

I am using paypal for 2 years and never had any issues with it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Skrill is only option for me.

Important information. Thanks!

For me skrill is only available…

unfortunately paypal is not supported in our country, i am also using payoneer mastercard card (their fee is also heigher) was tried skrill for low fee (compiared to payoneer) but it’s my big mistake, skrill is a stealer company

…Paypal for the win!

don’t google for paypal frauds guys, you might lose your faith in it :slight_smile:

But they are far away from a legal serious company as they can take all your money away for 6 months without any reason.

< I think PayPal are the biggest crooks goin

Good Information, and thank you…

Anjum said


Yes, yes, yes, extremely agree</strong with you! 3.5 years I used skrill but once they have froze my money on whole month and I ceased to trust them. My bank said that the blame of Skrill. Skrill said that the blame of my bank. And this happens every time when I go to customer support. Support Skrill operates disgusting, long time for answer + they do not know anything. I think that the problem in the intermediary bank. But this is a problem Skrill, not my problem.

I think, good ways — SWIFT or PayPal, but in no case Skrill. You will not have any problems with it for a long time, but once you can spend a lot of time to find out where your money is.

I have requested to withdraw 625$ since the 6th of November and I didn’t receive it till today, I keep sending emails to the support they just don’t answer and if they do they ask for ridiculous information and disappear again

SWIFT: quite high transfer fees

Paypal: unbelievable low exchange rates

Skrill: when they mark your account as merchant then they’ll apply much more higher fee

Envato: cuts our earning up to 70% :stuck_out_tongue:

I am using Moneybookers/Skrill for many years and never had problem. They are taking around three dollars per withdraw. Do you think they will exist so long if they are “stealler” company?

Check with your bank what is they currency rate if you receive money in another currency then your Skrill account.

Regarding blocking money on your account that can happen with Paypal too because of lot of reasons